Continuation of "Love for Our Children"

"It touches my heart to know that Dana puts so much of herself into these beautifully-crafted items," said Shari Hunke from Children’s Fund. "For a few years now, she’s delivered the most wonderful things, including dolls and outfits for some special children."


"Each year, I look forward to the day that Children’s Fund comes to my home and picks up the things I made," said Dana. "It represents an entire year of my life—it means that my life meant something!"


Dana hopes that the kids who receive her hand-crafted items know that "every stitch has my love in it."


She thinks it might be hard for them to believe, but "everything is made from love just for them."


Dana really enjoyed creating the doll clothes and she knew that there were many children in our community who could benefit from a soft, life-sized baby doll.


"Children need something to hug, something that will hug them back," said Dana.


This year alone, Dana donated nearly 200 hand-crafted items including fuzzy pillows, slippers, beanies, blankets, aprons, little bags and purses, and doll clothes.