Endowed Scholarships

The Ramos Family Endowed Scholarship


In 2017, James Ramos, his wife Terri, and their family established the Ramos Family Endowed Scholarship with a $60,000 gift to Children's Fund.  The annual scholarship will assist foster and homeless youth between the ages of 17 and 24 years of age who plan to pursue a post-secondary education in San Bernardino County.

Apply for a Ramos Family Endowed Scholarship.

"There's few things in life that once you attain them, no one can take from you.  They are your culture, your spirituality, and your education."


-Supervisor James Ramos

Children's Fund Endowment Scholarships


In 2007, Children's Fund designated foster youth endowment scholarships to California State University, San Bernardino and four San Bernardino County Community Colleges. The scholarships are intended to provide the critical pieces needed for foster youth from San Bernardino County between 18-25 years of age.  These scholarships support academic excellence, self-esteem and personal growth.


The scholarships are to supply funds to help meet the cost of education for one school year's college fees, books, expenses, equipment or class supplies -- for students who meet the following scholarship criteria:


1) A student who is a foster youth under the jurisdiction of the San Bernardino County Department of Children's Services or emancipated Foster Youth from San Bernardino County who is less than 26 years old and enrolled at one of the designated campuses.


2) The student must be pursuing a degree or for a certificate in an occupational or vocational program.


3) The student must establish financial need based on information provided on the application for federal aid “FAFSA” form, and after exhausting all other sources of institutional support continue to demonstrate a financial need.

To apply for a Children's Fund Endowed Scholarship, please see your financial aide counselor at your school.