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Children’s Fund’s expands the hope and resilience of the children who have had a tough life through no fault of their own. They are children who have been abused, either physically or sexually, or both. They are underprivileged or at-risk children.

Children’s Fund helps find solutions for these children:

• Emily was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. Children’s Fund provided a bed and blankets for Emily. She now is able to get a good night’s sleep before going to school.

• Self-confidence was restored to Theo because Children’s Fund was able to get braces for Theo and the dental care he needed. He now eats without pain, and smiles with the other children, no longer ashamed of his crooked smile.

• Brothers Frank and Dylan received new clothes after they were removed from their home with only the clothes they were wearing. Now, they both have jeans without holes, and new shirts, and undergarments, improving their self-image. 

• Breanna received a new winter coat and a backpack filled with school supplies. She is no longer embarrassed to attend school, and her grades have greatly improved.

• Each year the Children’s Fund gathers thousands of toys and gifts that are distributed to the underprivileged children who otherwise may not receive a present.  Julia received a bike through Children’s Fund’s partnership with Loma Linda Medical Center.  Julia is 10 years old and has never owned a bike. Loma Linda Medical University also supplied Julia with a helmet and training wheels.

• Through the endowment program established by Children’s Fund, Georgiana is a sophomore at Cal Poly Pomona. She gets help with her tuition, books and housing. Georgiana studies very hard and looks forward to using her education to educate others.



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