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Get Involved

Join the cause and help create a better future for the children in our communities.



Imagine the fear of a young child who has been rescued from their home, from their mom and siblings. Think about the helpless child that gets abused due to their parent's alcohol and drug addiction. Picture a child that is hungry because he has been left alone in the house with nothing to eat.

These are the children that need our help. These are the reasons why we need you to get involved with the Children’s Fund and encourage others to join this effort. 

There are many ways to get involved:


Proud husband Doug congratulates Charlene Betts on her AFP Award for Volunteer of the Year. Charlene, who has volunteered helping children for 50 years, was surrounded by fellow Claremont Auxiliary members, all who fundraise for Children’s Fund, making a difference in the lives of these kids.

Left to Right:  Stacy Iverson, President and CEO of Children’s Fund; Walmart Store Manager Sandra Nuterangelo; Walmart Shift Manager Ruby Wylie; and Faith Powell, the 11-year old who inspired Walmart's Grant. Thank you to Faith for her fundraising efforts during Celebration of Giving and Walmart for their generous support. 


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