Jonathan's Story

When Children’s Fund serves the various individual and unique needs of vulnerable children throughout San Bernardino County, sometimes a request extends beyond the typical basic needs of clothing, food, and shelter.

Providing financial assistance with orthodontia care is one such example. Jonathan’s* social worker submitted an orthodontic request to cover the costs associated with his need for braces. Jonathan, a boy from San Bernardino County, was living with his aunt and uncle who were struggling with how they could afford to pay for his braces. 

The aunt and uncle were both retired and living on a fixed income when they eagerly opened their hearts and home to their nephew. Due to the severity and condition of his teeth, Jonathan was limited to what he could eat. Most foods caused him pain as his teeth were out of alignment and in such bad shape. Braces were the recommended fix.  

The social worker went through the required process to submit a request for assistance to Children’s Fund, which included obtaining several estimates for treatment, photos/X-rays and a detailed treatment plan.  She submitted the request for ortho assistance which was carefully reviewed, and then approved. Jonathon was ecstatic when he received the news.

His aunt sends Children’s Fund new photos every month and reports that even though the process isn’t always pleasant, Jonathan always has a smile on his face and is thankful to receive this opportunity.

There are a number of children just like Jonathan who are currently receiving ortho care assistance from Children’s Fund, in partnership with San Bernardino County Children and Family Services.

Orthodontia care is just one of the many ways that Children’s Fund adapts to provide support, opportunity, and hope for a bright future.

*Name has been changed.