The Children’s Fund serves children in multiple ways.

Emergency Needs 

The Children’s Fund Emergency Needs Program is used by social workers and case managers to give direct assistance to at-risk children, providing items such as food, clothing, beds, shelter, transportation, medical and dental care, providing equal opportunity for social development for these children. Case Manager Login.

Community Outreach

Partnering with several community benefit organizations on projects that serve children, Children’s Fund also coordinates special campaigns including the annual Celebration of Giving, collecting tens of thousands of holiday gifts for disadvantaged children throughout the county.   In addition, throughout the year we collect backpacks filled with school supplies; winter coats to help the underprivileged stay warm in the colder areas of our region; a lunch pail drive; and hygiene products to encourage healthy children.



First 5 San Bernardino provides funding

for Children's Fund Emergency Needs.

Championed Projects

Children’s Fund has identified special projects that require ongoing support, such as the Children’s Assessment Center, San Bernardino County’s only one-stop center designed to reduce the trauma of child abuse victims by allowing them to tell their story once while receiving treatment by specially-trained forensic physicians and staff in a child-friendly setting. 

Other championed projects include support for the homeless youth and educational opportunities for foster children who otherwise would not be able to get a higher education.

Children’s Fund is committed to enhancing the quality of life for local children.  We invest today in brighter tomorrows for those who need it most – the at-risk youth in our communities. Every child deserves a chance at a prosperous life, empowered by knowing that others believe in them.

Together, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of these children. See how you can get involved today!