Message from the President

The end of summer is nearing, and for many of us, this is a time to prepare for what comes next. Some children in our county are not able to adequately prepare for back to school. 

6,489 children are currently separated from their families and live in foster care in San Bernardino County.  When you support Children’s Fund, you are making a difference in the lives of these children.  You show them you care by providing them a new backpack and school supplies for the first day of school and scholarships to college so they can break the destructive cycles of poverty in their families.

End of summer is also a time for transition. Some of Children’s Fund’s Board Members are transitioning off of the board. Thank you to Lee Jackman, Steve Lambert, Richard Madsen, James Mead, Cheryl Towers, and Mark Wolkenhauer for their dedication to the children. We know that their commitment to Children’s Fund isn’t ending because their board term has. They each continue to support our efforts to provide a bright future for every child. Thank you for being a part of our Children’s Fund family!

Lastly, we want to welcome Rachel Connelly and Chris Palmer as they transition onto our board and join us in giving support, opportunity, and hope to our vulnerable children. On behalf of the children we serve, we are thankful for your continued commitment to bright futures!