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8-Year-Old Raises $2,500 for Children's Fund

Raven Cases of Highland raises $2,500 to help underprivileged kids

Raven Casas is 8 years old and lives in Highland, California.  She attends Valley Preparatory School in Redlands.  She is not like most 8-year-olds! In May of this year she decided that she wanted to help kids who can't afford things, even things as simple as school supplies.  Her grandparents helped her surf the internet, and Raven chose Children's Fund to donate to because they help underprivileged children.  Since May she has raised $2,500 through the help of fellow students, family, and friends.

Raven's parents, Latisha and Patrick Casas are very proud of their daughter and were not too surprised by their daughter's desire to help as they try to emphasize the importance of giving. They suggested that she organize a fund drive.  A little bit nervous, this second grader made a presentation to the middle school students at her school.

"The big kids responded in an encouraging way, going to their headmaster to get permission to put a collection container in the school office," Raven said.   Not stopping there, Raven reached out to family members, friends and her karate class teammates, determined to collect enough money to make a difference.

Children's Fund is delighted that she chose their organization.  "Kids helping kids, how great is that? We are so pleased that an 8-year-old would be caring enough of others, and to actually follow through and make it happen is amazing," states Karen Blanco of Children’s Fund.

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