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Two of the four Gruner children delivering toys to Children’s Fund during the holidays. These boys used the profits from selling poinsettias to their neighbors to purchase four full bags of toys for other children.

Children’s Fund provides toys to vulnerable children for the 28th year

SAN BERNARDINO, California (Monday, January 23, 2017) – Children’s Fund, a nonprofit serving vulnerable children in San Bernardino County since 1986, has wrapped up the 28th Annual Celebration of Giving campaign and the results are better than ever before. Over 30,300 gifts were collected, inventoried and distributed this holiday season to foster youth and other vulnerable children throughout San Bernardino County.  Every year the campaign has grown—last year 30,000 children were served. “We’ve been able to expand this valuable program through our many partners and generous donors,” said Stacy Iverson, President & CEO of Children’s Fund. “Without this vital community support, many children would go without a toy to celebrate the season.” Iverson explains that a toy during the holidays is more than just a gift to open on Christmas morning.  It represents the belief that every child is worthy of our care and support.   It sends them the message that they are valued and gives them the confidence to continue on with hope for the future.  Teenagers are often difficult to purchase gifts for, so this year foster children ages 12- to 18-years old received a $25 gift card instead of a toy.  Many organizations and individuals donated cash to enable Children’s Fund to supply the nearly $40,000 needed.  If you would like to receive information about how you or your organization can get involved in our next Celebration of Giving campaign, please contact us at 909.379.0000. Founded in 1986, Children’s Fund is a nonprofit whose mission is giving our vulnerable children support, opportunity and hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships. Since its inception, Children’s Fund has served more than 1.4 million children. For more information on Children’s Fund or to learn how you can give a child hope for brighter tomorrows, go to or call 909.379.0000.

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