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From Left: Mack, Service/Therapy Dog, Children’s Assessment Center; Stacy Iverson, President and CEO, Children’s Fund; Dr. Amy Young, Medical Director, Children’s Assessment Center; Sabrina Nakhjavanpour, Treasurer, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians provides funding for Children’s Assessment Center

SAN BERNARDINO, California (Monday, December 12, 2016) – The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has awarded $1,000,000 to nonprofit Children’s Fund for the Children’s Assessment Center. The grant will be awarded over a three-year period for increased services for San Bernardino's abused and neglected children being treated at the Center.

The Children's Assessment Center (CAC) treats children ages 0-18, as well as developmentally delayed young adults, from every area of San Bernardino County who are suspected victims of physical and sexual abuse, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

In 2015, there were 5,110 substantiated cases of child abuse in San Bernardino County and 1,723 of those children were treated at the CAC. With more medical staff, more victims could have been seen. “There are only about 300 child abuse doctors in the entire country,” says Dr. Amy Young, the Medical Director at the CAC. “Therefore, the best way to secure more medical staff at the CAC is to offer Forensic Pediatric Fellowships, essentially growing and retaining local expertise.” The grant from the San Manuel Tribe will fund a new Pediatric Fellow each year, for three years, and other medical personnel.

“By securing and training three new pediatric fellows, the CAC will move toward long-term stability and the capacity to treat over 3,000 children each year,” says Sabrina Nakhjavanpour, Treasurer of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, who recently toured the Children’s Assessment Center. “In addition, the grant provides funds to train existing staff as well as research and develop programs to improve systems for child abuse victims. We are pleased to support this worthwhile effort.”

Child abuse, particularly experienced when children are young, causes stress that can disruptearly brain and physical development, placing mistreated young children at higher risk forhealth problems as adults. Children who are abused or neglected also are more likely to repeat the cycle of violence by entering into violent relationships as teens and adults or abusing their own children.

At the CAC, victims not only receive treatment for the physical or sexual abuse. The children also receive treatment and referrals for therapy for the trauma they’ve been through. “The number one cause of traumatic death in a child under the age of one is child abuse. We are so grateful that San Manuel Band of Mission Indians recognized the need for increased services and is supporting the Children’s Assessment Center in such a meaningful way,” says Stacy Iverson, President & CEO of Children’s Fund. The Children's Assessment Center (CAC) opened in 1994, in partnership between the County of San Bernardino, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital and Children's Fund to provide comprehensive services to child victims of maltreatment. For more information, visit Founded in 1986, Children’s Fund is a nonprofit whose mission is giving our vulnerable children support, opportunity and hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships. Since its inception, Children’s Fund has served more than 1.4 million children. For more information on Children’s Fund or to learn how you can give a child hope for brighter tomorrows, go to or call 909.379.0000.

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