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More children with critical needs will benefit from grant

Children’s Fund Receives Grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Thanks to a $7,500 grant awarded to  Children’s Fund by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, more children who are in an emergency situation will be able to receive assistance.

Children’s Fund works with social workers and case managers to provide emergency assistance to at-risk and impoverished children, providing items such as food, clothing, beds, transportation, rental and utility assistance, medical and dental care. For children just being rescued or transported, Children’s Fund provides hygiene kits and lunchboxes with snacks.

“We’re proud to support the critical services provided by Children’s Fund that can literally save the lives of our precious youth,” said Al Argűello, Market President, Inland Empire, Bank of America. “We recognize the important role Children’s Fund plays in serving our most vulnerable community members, helping at-risk youth get the most basic care, shelter, safety, and health and nutrition services to help set a foundation for quality of life.”

Recently, a case worker referred a family of a mom with 10 children to Children’s Fund for help. The mom is raising this family in a 2-bedroom apartment where the children share 4 mattresses, serving as their only beds. Children’s Fund was able to provide 4 bunk beds, bedding, clothing and hygiene items for the 10 children. The case worker sent the thank you notes that the mother and children sent to Children’s Fund.

The mother said, “It’s hard being a single mother and not being able to buy my kids clothes and having no beds for them to sleep on. I just want to let you know how grateful I am, and how happy you made my kids.” One of the children wrote, “I was so happy when I got a new bunk bed and new clothes because my Mom was trying hard to get clothes for school. Your program really helped me and my family out. Thank you for helping us with everything.”

“This is just one case where Children’s Fund was able to step in and help a family in great need,” says Erin Phillips, President & CEO of Children’s Fund.  “That’s why we’re proud to partner with Bank of America, providing much needed services while helping the family prepare for a more financially stable future.  This year alone Children’s Fund has helped more than 53,000 children in our communities.”

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