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More educational scholarships to be awarded

U.S. Bank awards Children’s Fund $20,000 Grant for foster and former foster youth education

SAN BERNARDINO, California  (Wednesday, December 3, 2014) – U.S. Bank Foundation has approved and presented $20,000 for Children’s Fund Foster Youth Educational Programs which will empower foster and former foster youth through higher education.

Caitlin, a participant in Children’s Fund educational program, is a great example of how U.S. Bank’s grant to Children’s Fund Scholarship Fund makes a difference to foster youth in our local communities.  At the age of 11, Caitlin was left alone at home after her mom had been incarcerated.  Trying to maintain a normal existence, Caitlin would get herself dressed, pick oranges from the backyard tree for food, and walk one mile to school each day. She did this for two weeks before a neighbor noticed something was wrong and called authorities. She entered the foster care system, being placed in a kinship program with her sister at her grandmother’s.  At the age of 16, Caitlin became pregnant and decided that she wanted more for her young daughter.

Through California State University – San Bernardino Caitlin has received a scholarship from Children’s Fund to be able to continue her education. 

“I am so thankful to Children’s Fund, this quarter alone the cost of my books are $800, and the scholarship helps me continue to get my education.” Caitlin, now the mother to two children, is currently a senior, works at CVS in the pharmacy, and plans to attend Loma Linda Medical University to acquire her Pharmaceutical degree. “I want my children to be secure,” states Caitlin. “My strength are my children, and I am so grateful for those who have helped me along the way.”

“Seeing the tenacity of children who work hard through their difficult circumstances is inspiring,” says Richard Madsen, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager of U.S. Bank. “U.S. Bank is proud to partner with Children’s Fund to help these children achieve their goals.”

Less than 5% of foster or former foster youth graduate from college with four year degrees. “Every child should believe that their dreams matter, and that they have a future,” says Erin Phillips, President & CEO of Children’s Fund. “It is because of generous financial partners, like U.S. Bank, that youth from our own communities have a real opportunity to change their own story through education, maybe even for generations to come.”  In the past year, Children’s Fund has helped more than 53,000 children from every area of San Bernardino County.

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