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Walmart presents check to Children's Fund

Originally printed in the Highland Community News on Jan. 28.  Written by Charles Roberts.

Faith Powell, 11, of Highland decided for her birthday she would like to give to others. To raise money, she collected and sold old shoes, and then accepted gifts from others to supplement the toy donation to Children’s Fund, which supports foster children. Last Christmas, she went to Walmart with her money and bought baskets of toys and donated them to Children’s Fund in San Bernardino. On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Walmart chipped in $3,000 to Children’s Fund in Faith’s name to help the cause.

Children’s Fund Director of Marketing and Public Relations Shari Hunke, Children’s Fund President and CEO Stacy Iverson, Walmart Store Manager Sandra Nuterangelo, Shift Manager Ruby Wylie, and Faith Powell are on hand for presentation of a check for $3,000 from Walmart to Children’s Fund in honor of Faith’s collection for toys for Children’s Fund last Christmas.

Faith’s mother, Tracey Powell joined Faith and Children’s Fund President and CEO Stacy Iverson in accepting the check from Walmart Store Manager Sandra Nuterangelo at the Highland Avenue Walmart in San Bernardino. Faith will be honored for her efforts at the annual Heart Awards presented by The Unforgettables on Feb. 12 at the Fox Theater in Redlands.

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