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Celebration of Giving

The Celebration of Giving is Children's Fund's annual toy-drive, and our most popular event year after year. Businesses, organizations, charities, and individuals are participate in bringing joy to children during the holiday season. In the past, our donors have gifted over 60,000 toys to children in our community. Look out for news about the Celebration of Giving during the month of November. Learn More

Support the Celebration of Giving:

  • Monetary donations

  • Gift cards valued at $25 or more

  • Sponsor a family

  • Host a toy drive

Birthday Gifts

Every child deserves to have a happy birthday. Children's Fund looks to make that idea a reality by providing birthday gifts to kids involved with the foster youth system.

Support the Birthday Gifts program:

  • Monetary donations

  • Gift cards

  • Pledge sponsorship of Bonnes Meres Birthday Luncheon

Celebrating Life's Milestones

Reunification, adoption, guardianship, graduation, post-secondary education, driver's license, employment, a first apartment, etc. All of these milestones deserve to be recognized and celebrated for the achievements that they are.

Support Celebrating Life's Milestones:

  • Monetary donations

  • Gift cards

  • Sponsor a graduate

  • Volunteer professional services

  • Sponsor an adoption bear

Our final pillar, Hope, allows us to inspire, challenge, and motivate our children to dream. We do this through our Celebration of Giving, birthday gifts, and celebrating life's milestones like graduation, entering post-secondary education, and adoption. 

A meaningful gift can mean the world to a child and nurture their hope so that they can continue to dream and work towards a brighter future.

Give to our Hope programs

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