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Case Managers

The Children's Fund Emergency Needs Program contributes to the needs of at-risk children by purchasing items such as food, car seats, clothing, shelter, transportation, beds, cribs, education, dental and medical expenses, as well as other items that relate to vital needs.

Our service is conducted through case managers and social workers who operate in county programs such as the Children and Family Services, Department of Public Health, Department of Behavioral Health, Preschool Services Department and through other community-based organizations on a case-by-case basis. The children we serve range from birth to 18 years of age, transitional aged youth (TAY) and foster youth to age 24, and are, in most cases, victims of abuse, neglect, and live in poverty.


It is imperative that our safety net services be available when all other resources are exhausted. Without Children's Fund support, the case managers and social workers would be unable to address needs to help families reach self-sufficiency.


Contact Programs Director, Betty Chambers, at

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