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December - March

Through endowments and scholarship funds, Children's Fund supports scholarships at CSU San Bernardino, Cal Poly Pomona, and four San Bernardino County Community Colleges for foster and homeless youth.  Other designated funds support mentorship programs for foster youth at our local Universities.  This program gives the students the support and confidence needed to achieve academic excellence, greater self-esteem, and personal growth.

Summer Camp

Computer Camp

Life Enrichment

Sports Faire

April - July

Children's Fund works with social workers and case managers to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable children providing food, clothing, beds, shelter, transportation, medical and dental care which otherwise they would not receive.

Emergency Needs Program

Children's Assessment Center

Annual Family Fair

Project SAFE

August - November

Children's Fund's annual Celebration of Giving is a special time of year. Through our amazing donors and partnering organizations, we are able to collect thousands of gifts to give to the most vulnerable youth in our communities and spread holiday cheer across San Bernardino County.

Celebration of Giving

Birthday Gifts

Celebrating Life's Milestones

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