Emergency Needs Program

providing emergency goods and services to at-risk children and families throughout the county (beds, bedding, food, hygiene, clothing, shoes, rental assistance, utility assistance, medical/dental services, transportation, baby care items, etc.).

Educational Support Program

providing school and educational supplies to support learning, improve academic performance, support life and social skills, and enable educational achievement and success.

Children's Assessment Center

providing comfort items for child victims of physical and/or sexual abuse and severe neglect that will make for a warm experience and assure their feelings of safety while undergoing forensic evidentiary medical examinations.



providing extracurricular, sports, and educational scholarships for school aged children, youth, and young adults.

Computer Camp

providing computer classes for youth that includes providing a personal computer for all attendees.

Life Enrichment

supporting the Independent Living Program, which provides support, education, training, mentoring, and positive experiences for youth in foster care and on probation and equip them for self-sufficiency prior to and after exiting care.

Sports Faire

annual day long program for youth in care to explore different sports and activities.

Speakers Bureau

providing youth leadership training and positive youth development.


Celebration of Giving

providing holiday gifts to underserved children and youth throughout the county.

Birthday Gifts

providing birthday gifts to system involved children and youth.

Celebrating Life's Milestones

celebrating significant moments, such as reunification, adoption, guardianship, graduation, post-secondary education, driver's license, employment, apartment, etc.