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Since inception in 1986, Children's Fund has assisted more than 1.5 million children.  Children's Fund serves our communities' most vulnerable children by funding and equiping agencies and nonprofits that serve children who are experiencing poverty, abuse, and neglect.  We are positioned to leverage donations to help provide essential services and resources to our region's most vulnerable children.



Children's Fund works with social workers and case managers to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable children providing food, clothing, beds, shelter, transportation, medical and dental care which otherwise they would not receive.


Care Campaigns

Partnering with numerous community benefit organizations, Children's Fund also coordinates special campaigns including the annual Celebration of Giving Campaign, collecting thousands of gifts for the holidays for the disadvantaged children throughout our region.  Additionally, Children's Fund collects backpacks filled with school supplies, winter coats to help the children stay warm, birthday gifts for foster youth, and hygiene products to provide their basic needs.



Through endowments and scholarship funds, Children's Fund supports scholarships at CSU San Bernardino, Cal Poly Pomona, and four San Bernardino County Community Colleges for foster and homeless youth.  Other designated funds support mentorship programs for foster youth at our local Universities.  This program gives the students the support and confidence needed to achieve academic excellence, greater self-esteem, and personal growth.



Children's Fund has identified special projects that require ongoing support such as the Children's Assessment Center which was established in 1994.  At the Center, the only one of its kind in San Bernardino County, specially-trained forensic pediatricians and nurse practitioners, forensic interviewers, victim advocates, therapists, and law enforcement officers engage these children in a safe and comforting environment, significantly reducing their trauma.  Nearly half the children seen at the Center are under age five.  Mack, the Old English Sheep Dog and live mascot of the Center, is a therapy/comfort dog that watches over the children while they are at the Center, and significantly reduces their stress and trauma. 



Giving our vulnerable children Support, Opportunity, and Hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships.

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