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Our History

The idea of the Children’s Fund was recommended in 1985 as a better way to deliver services to at-risk children that fell under the responsibility of the respective County departments.  Led by Patrick J. Morris, the then presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court, a Policy Council was formed. After reviewing many scenarios the endorsement was made to add a nonprofit 501(c) (3) component to the Children’s Network. 

In 1986 Children’s Fund was founded.  Jack H. Brown, then Chairman & CEO of Stater Bros. Markets was the Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Realizing that children "in the system" were not always getting their needs met, Children's Fund was created as a non-profit organization to be able to serve the children in our county who are in the most need of our support.

Children's Fund Board of Directors Chairmen have included Jack H. Brown, Gene Wood, A. Gary Anderson, Matthew A. Jordan, Vaughn Bryan, Lee R. Redmond, Jacob Zeidman, Mark Ostoich, Douglas McAdam, William Meyer, Bob Kain, Joseph P. Barr, Dave Harris, Dianne Crowther, Bill Nietschmann, Russ Moore, Pete Pitassi, Bob Balzer, Debbie L. Brown, Laurie Connell, Steve PonTell, Vicente Wright, Lee Jackman, Neal Waner, and Gary Ovitt.

Currently, Children’s Fund is located at 348 W. Hospitality Lane, Suite 110, San Bernardino, CA 92408.  Contact us at 909.379.0000.  Help us give hope for brighter tomorrows to the children who are our future.


What we do

Since inception in 1986, Children's Fund has assisted more than 1.8 million children.  Children's Fund serves our communities' most vulnerable children by funding and equiping agencies and nonprofits that serve children who are experiencing poverty, abuse, and neglect.  We are positioned to leverage donations to help provide essential services and resources to our region's most vulnerable children.

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