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Backpack Drive

Set up a student with what they need to succeed.

The yearly expense of a new backpack and school supplies is financial burden for many of the families that we serve. Our annual backpack drive is your chance to give a child the tools that they need to succeed in their education. New backpacks and school supplies allow a child to focus on their education and reach their potential.

A great way to provide support for children is to set up your own backpack drive in your office or school and help provide backpacks and school supplies to children in our community.

If you'd like to set up your own backpack drive, the dates from drop-off are May 31st and July 13th.

We will still be accepting donations of backpacks and school supplies until July 31st.

Click here to find important information and collateral to use when setting up your backpack drive.

The gift of a backpack and new school supplies can show a child that you care and believe in their future. It is the kind of message that says their future is full of potential.

Click here to find our donation form and provide a backpack full of school supplies to a child.

We are accepting monetary donations until July 31st.

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